On Tuesday, Richard Sherman brilliantly lampooned and critiqued the NFL over… well, everything ranging from player safety to endorsement deals to media obligations.

It was funny, scathing and highlighted how absurd the NFL’s rules and regulations could be when it comes to how the league makes money and how it indirectly regulates how athletes conduct their own business.

One person who didn’t find Sherman’s press conference so funny was ESPN’s resident brand acolyte Darren Rovell. In a series of tweets, Rovell bravely defended all those poor, poor corporations and brands from the mean words of one Seattle Seahawks cornerback.

Yes, indirect revenue (that isn’t even guaranteed thanks to NFL contracts and the need to split that revenue between an entire league) cut from a lower percentage than a direct endorsement deal surely addresses Sherman’s point. Good one, Rovell.

Will somebody think of the brands!?!

While no one is denying that talking with the media is part of a professional athlete’s job, fining an athlete $100,000 for an infraction (even a repeat one) is ridiculous, especially when put into context of how much players are fined for, say, endangering another player’s safety (which, as we found out this week, is sometimes nothing at all!).

But you keep fighting the good fight for the beleaguered brands and corporations Rovell. They surely appreciate your effort.