The New York Jets were embarrassed by the Buffalo Bills by a score of 38-3 on Monday night’s rescheduled game in Detroit.

And while Michael Vick surely shouldn’t shoulder all of the blame for the loss, his performance certainly didn’t help. Vick often looked lost and confused under pressure. He was hit often by Buffalo’s great pass rush and ended up getting sacked five times.

He completed seven out of 19 pass attempts for a meager 76 yards. That averages out to four yards per pass attempt. To put that number into perspective, Chris Johnson ran the ball seven times for 40 yards – or 5.7 yards per rushing attempt. Yes, the Jets gained more yards per rushing attempt than passing attempt while Vick was in the game. Vick also threw one interception and ended his night sitting on the bench with a 27.5 passer rating.

After a performance like that, even those who love Michael Vick the most couldn’t think of anything positive to say about Vick’s night. When his brother Marcus was asked on Twitter what he thought of his brother’s night, all Marcus could manage was some rather stinky emojis.

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