Earlier today, a story broke that Johnny Manziel’s entourage got overly aggressive with a fan who wanted to meet Manziel. The alleged incident included Manziel’s entourage throwing a punch at the Browns fan.

Now, Manziel has released his own version of events through his agent. While Manziel’s version of events differs significantly from that of the fan’s, the statement doesn’t deny that a physical altercation took place.

A key difference in the accounts is that each side also seems to insinuate that they were outnumbered. Manziel’s agent states that Johnny was with a friend and that he was approached by “a very aggressive man and his associates” while the alleged punched fan says that he was with his girlfriend and that he was attacked by Manziel’s “entourage”.

Manziel is currently not listed as a subject for the early Saturday altercation.

This could help provide some context as to why any punches might have been thrown but one would have hoped that something like this could have been diffused without the need for violence.

Browns general manager Ray Farmer stated that the Browns will look into the incident but that the team has no other statement at this time.

“We continually stress to all our players the importance of sound decision-making in an effort to avoid putting themselves in these types of situations. We have addressed this appropriately with the player and will have no further comment at this time.”