Jameis Winston has been blasted for various off-the-field incidents since he arrived in Tallahassee just over two years ago. The highly controversial quarterback found himself in the limelight again on Saturday but this time for a very poor on-field decision. Winston shoved an official…twice, but received no flag.

During the third quarter of Florida State’s last-second win over Boston College, the Seminoles substituted on offense, meaning BC had the opportunity to do the same on defense. However, Winston had every intention of catching them off guard and tried to run the play before the defense was set. In an effort to do so, he pushed the center judge Michael Webster out of his way in order to snap the ball. Webster is required by rule to stand over the ball until the defense has been given the opportunity to substitute players if they desire.

Winston should have been ejected for the two shoves, but instead was allowed to stay in the game and did not even draw a flag. Check it out:

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