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Kim Kardashian’s butt has been the source of many articles, speculation and magazine covers but it’s never been used to solve high school math. Until now.

Given that Kardashian’s round rear end can look like a circle given the right framing, test prep company Catalyst has decided to incorporate Kim’s famous butt into its geometry curriculum. This is not a joke.

kim geometry math


1. The celebrity booty pictured on the left has an area of 64 pi and is divided into eight congruent regions. What is the perimeter of one of these regions?

a) (16 + 32 pi)/3

b) (16 + 8 pi)/3

c) (16 + 4 pi)/3

d) 16 + 2 pi

Catalyst founder Jared Friedland told the New York Daily News that Kim’s ass hit him with inspiration or something:

“Kim Kardashian’s backside is almost perfectly circular. As soon as we saw that, it occurred to me that we could teach three types of geometry questions.”

As for the kids who were given these problems to solve, some were obviously distracted by the problem while others thought that it was a good way to keep math interesting and relevant to their, erhm, interests.

For what it’s worth, students who take Catalyst prep courses reportedly improve their test scores by at least 200 points. There may be some method to this madness.

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