With less than 10 seconds left in the overtime period of the Bruins-Blue Jackets game on Friday night, Milan Lucic challenged Columbus defenseman Dalton Prout to a fight. Lucic apparently took exception to a physical play in the corner that led to Prout knocking Lucic’s stick out of his hands, which led to Lucic taking a two-hand shot at Prout.

It was a decision he would come to regret, as the Jackets defenseman quickly turned around and knocked the Bruins tough guy out with just one punch straight to the mouth. The blow cut Lucic open and required him to go to the locker room for repairs, but not before he could express his displeasure with Prout.

Apparently, Lucic didn’t like that the first punch was thrown before he even got his gloves off, so he tried to land a cheap punch while a ref intervened, then threw his glove in Prout’s direction.