The NBA’s biggest and brightest stars usually differentiate themselves on the court (and off the court) through their footwear. Some have ever-expanding collections of the latest sneakers while others take their retro game very seriously. Some even get their own signature shoe.

And then, there’s Chandler Parsons, who is looking to stand out among his peers by focusing on the less heralded footwear of NBA players – socks.

Yes, Chandler Parsons is obsessed with socks and will even have his own signature sock, the “CP25” coming out soon at Foot Locker. The Mavericks’ forward even gave his opinion on footwear that he thought would be appropriate for LeBron, KD, Dirk and Mark Cuban, of which nearly every selection is on-point (the CP25 for LeBron could use some work because, as Parsons points out, their distinct flamingo, tropical tones wouldn’t sit right now that LeBron isn’t in Miami).

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