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There is a tremendous amount of responsibility placed upon student-athletes and an even larger amount placed upon students at the United States Military Academy, Naval Academy and Air Force Academy, but what about those that fall in both demanding populations? Furthermore, there is an unquestionable level of competitive disadvantage given to each of these service academies due to a slew of factors that represent a mission much larger than football. Only a handful of young men possess the relentless drive, commitment and skill set to not only successfully navigate the vigorous curriculum and expectations  at each of these institutions but to also compete at a high level on the football field every week.

In honor of Veterans Day, we are focusing on these three elite academies and what level of success this week’s AP Top 25 teams have found against those that serve our nation. The Week 12 AP Re-Rankings look at what schools have the most  all-time wins against Army, Navy and Air Force, ranking from least to most.

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