The NBA season is only three days old, and already we have two examples of humorous pre-game trolling on the part of NBA arena staffs. Wednesday night, the Golden State Warriors played at Sacramento, a game which the Warriors won handily because they are the Warriors and the Kings are just a disaster. Prior to the 95-77 drubbing, the Warriors’ lineup introduction was accompanied by the Full House theme song, an homage to their Bay Area home (although, it’s worth noting that Danny Tanner & Co. resided in San Francisco, not Oakland, where Oracle Arena is — close enough, I guess).

While the Kings’ troll job was more on the playful side, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ trolling of the Knicks Thursday night felt more sinister, and we like to think it’s a big reason why LeBron James’ homecoming dance was ruined. The nWo theme piped through Quicken Loans Arena as Knicks players were introduced, and then LeBron promptly went out and shit the bed (5-15 shooting and 8 turnovers) as the Cavs struggled to keep up in a 95-90 season opening loss. At least Kevin Love’s outlet game was on point.