Steven AdamsThe Oklahoma City Thunder announced this morning that, finally (mercifully?), someone other than Kendrick Perkins will be their starting center for the 2014-15 season. That someone is Steven Adams, a New Zealand-born center who made a name for himself during his rookie season as both a thorn in the side of opposing players and a certified foul machine. How much hacking did Adams do last year? Well, he averaged 2.5 fouls per game, which doesn’t seem terrible until you realize he only averaged 14.8 minutes per game (due in no small part to said foul trouble). When you look at his per-36 minutes stats, those 2.5 fouls translates to 6.1 fouls per game. Considering Adams’ increased minutes and aggressive play, the main thing he’ll have to focus on this season is cleaning up his act.

Armed with this knowledge, Thunder beat writer Anthony Slater decided to ask Adams about the foul trouble and here was his response:

Now, before you go about thinking that OKC has a 7-foot Luis Suarez on the roster, consider this response to another question.

It appears Mr. Adams has a bit of a sense of humor (I mean, did you see that porn ‘stache?), so we’ll file the biting comment under “Jokes” — for now.