Bill SimmonsBill Simmons may have returned to full-time Grantland duties last week, but today marked the return of his NFL picks column. For the uninitiated, Simmons picks games based on the spread, and provides commentary along with them. During his four-week picks hiatus, Bill Barnwell — a Grantland NFL writer — took over column duties while Simmons hit the links (literally). Before he dives into this week’s slate, Simmons reminds everyone of his record so far this season (25-23 through three weeks) and then makes a proclamation about those missing weeks:

One more thing: Before we get to the Week 8 picks, I wanted to clear up my 2014 record against the spread. After three weeks, I was sitting at 25-23 … and then I didn’t make picks in this space for four weeks. So what’s my real record?

Well, if Roger Goodell can claim that Ray Rice deceived him on June 16, or that Goodell didn’t know what was on that second elevator tape, then I’m claiming that I went 58-0 against the spread from Week 4 through Week 7.

Simmons continued later with a complete rehash of the Ray Rice fiasco, and reminded everyone that Goodell will be testifying in two weeks in front of a judge (an actual judge, not a self-appointed kangaroo court NFL “judge”).

As always, don’t get fired, Bill.