Techgating is where technology meets tailgating, and with College Football underway, we’re here to help enhance your tailgating experience before, during and after the game with these apps. With AT&T’s network, you can stay up to date and get game ready whether you’re at home, on the go or at the game. Don’t forget to share your #Techgating moments via Twitter to enter to win a trip to the National Championship!

These are the top ten, can’t live without, mobile apps to amplify your techgating experience.


  • Waze: If you’re driving to the game, let your co-pilot navigate you there with Waze. This app will notify you of faster routes to avoid traffic and gets you to the game quicker!
  • Gametime: Whether you’re still waiting to buy a ticket or planned ahead, use Gametime for the cheapest tickets. Pick the number of seats, section and your tickets will download straight to your phone.
  • Grill-It!: Food inside the stadium is expensive, for those tailgating beforehand, use Grill-It! for recipes and tips on how to grill delicious food! It has recipes for everyone, browse recipes or search by categories.
  • Spotify: Before the game starts, the parking lot is the place to be. Be sure to set the mood with the right music. Bring some speakers and use Spotify to listen to artists, albums or playlists for free.

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  • Instagram: Be sure to share your pictures with your friends on Instagram. You can check into the stadium and don’t forget to hashtag #techgating.
  • Venmo: Since you’ll be with your buddies, splitting the bills when you’re out can be tricky. Use Venmo to easily charge or pay your friends for anything instantly!
  • Snapchat: For your friends who missed out or are on the rival team. Take a Snapchat, write/draw whatever you like on the pic, the picture/video will only last 1-10 seconds.
  • College Football Scoreboard: Stay up to date with other teams in the conference with the College Football Scoreboard app. You can find everything from scores, standings, fight songs and more!

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  • Uber: For the ones who had too much fun at the game, have Uber pick you up. Use the app to find a driver, they’ll pick you up in minutes and drop you off at your destination in one piece.
  • Yelp: Not ready to go home yet? Use Yelp to find a restaurant or bar to keep the party going.

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