The Edmonton Oilers aren’t the most fundamentally sound team in the league, nor are they the most defensively fluid group, evident by this handful of depressing highlights. Their odd 2014-15 season took another interesting turn on Wednesday night during a 3-2 home win over the Capitals, during which they produced a bizarre possession. Watch the blooper-filled power play unfold and result in the game-winning goal for Nikita Nikitin.

Following a Nikitin outlet to start the possession, Leon Draisaitl and Teddy Purcell floated into each other like pee wee players:


Nail Yakupov tracked down the puck before hurling it aimlessly toward the Washington zone:


Purcell then wound up with the puck again before falling down:


And of course…the five Oilers power play skaters ended the ugly possession by hammering home the most depressing goal of the season:


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