No one is envious of the task ahead for the College Football Playoff Committee. The Week 9 AP poll features 15 teams with only one loss plus four undefeated teams in Mississippi State, Florida State, Ole Miss and Marshall. As many wait to see how the first set of CFP rankings will shake out next Tuesday, October 28th, we won’t learn a thing. Look for something very similar to that of the the AP and Coaches’ Poll, with only small discrepancies across the board.

“To try and predict who’s going to be in that top handful at this stage of the season, I don’t think is worth too much,” Lt. Gen. Mike Gould of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee told ESPN.

Those unbeatens (with the exception of Marshall, who has zero chance to slide in) appear to be holding down three of the four slots for the playoff and at that least two teams will enter with one loss, as Ole Miss and Mississippi State play on November 29th in Oxford. What two, three or even four teams will be given the bid despite a partially blemished 1-loss (or 2-loss…) resume?

The obvious choices include a load of SEC teams in the loser of The Egg Bowl along with Alabama, Auburn and Georgia. Other popular candidates are Oregon, Notre Dame, Michigan State, TCU and suddenly Kansas State. However, what teams have a fighter’s chance that no one is talking about?

Take a peek at three teams that could shock the college football world by running the table while getting a bunch of help over the next six weeks and be one of four playing for the ship.

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