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With the College Football Playoff Selection Committee ready to release their first set of rankings on Tuesday, October 28th, tensions are rising, especially from the heap of 1-loss teams in this week’s AP rankings. Those associated with the 15 1-loss schools (plus undefeated and 23rd-ranked Marshall) have begun making their case for wiggling into the 4-team playoff, but how many actually know where their team’s roster,  resumé and projections stack up against the competition?

Not many average fans can list those 15 teams and only a fraction can rattle off an assortment of relevant pros and cons for each, including who their starting QB is and how they are impacting a title run. The Week 9 Re-Rankings look at the 25 starting quarterbacks in the AP Top 25, giving you average fans at least a new name to throw in the baseless argument bucket, and how they project as NFL signal-callers.

Scroll through to see which of those starting QBs has the highest NFL potential, starting with least and rolling through to the most.

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