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Like most people, Stephen A. Smith thought that there was little chance that the Dallas Cowboys would beat the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle on Sunday.

Smith was so sure that the Cowboys would lose the game that he stated that he would wear a Tony Romo jersey and a Cowboys hat on First Take if the Cowboys won. Of course, the Cowboys would go on to shock Seattle by winning the game by a score of 30-23 (and the final score wasn’t indicative of how much better the Cowboys looked than the Seahawks).

So, for Tuesday’s First Take, Smith made good on his promise. He sheepishly donned a Romo jersey and Cowboys hat and before he could even get comfortable, Skip Bayless laid down a hilarious take on Smith’s outfit that was so hot, it’s a miracle that the studio didn’t burst into flames:

“You look to me like a walking piece of mediocrity.”

The best part? Tuesday is also Smith’s birthday.

[For the Win]