When it comes to supporting your favorite team and/or player, most sports fans will go the route of buying a jersey, shirt, or other memorabilia to show their loyalty. Not Victor Thompson, though. The 46-year old New Hampshire native decided to go in a more permanent direction, getting a giant head tattoo designed to look like a New England Patriots helmet.

Thompson was arrested in Florida for possession of synthetic marijuana last month and proceeded to take one of the better, more hilarious mugshots I’ve ever seen. Not only is the helmet tattoo outrageous, but lots of bonus points for that wide-eyed “I’m so high right now” smirk.

From the Smoking Gun:

Thompson had a series of tattoos inked on his head to make it appear that he is wearing a New England Patriots football helmet. Along with team logos on each side of his head, Thompson got Brady’s number 12 and the word “Patriots” inked on the back of his head. He added the name of the helmet maker (“Riddell”) on his forehead, as well as an American flag and an NFL logo.

Not to mention it looks like he’s even wearing a Patriots jersey (possibly Wes Welker’s) at the time of arrest. You can question his decision-making, but you cannot question his dedication.

What are the chances the cops saw him and said “this guy HAS to be on drugs?” I’m guessing pretty damn high.