You’ll have to forgive Reddit’s NBA community for being wary of NBA players announcing their presence on r/NBA these days. Recently, the entire community was duped by a fake AMA (Ask Me Anything) from OJ Mayo, whom the moderators had verified through a Twitter account supposedly associated with the Milwaukee Bucks’ shooting guard. Unfortunately, Mayo doesn’t even have a Twitter account — a fact confirmed by the Bucks organization. But all was not lost, as the sham AMA did lead to one of the creepiest AMA posts in Reddit history (and for that, we are forever grateful, even if that was fake, too).

Thanks to the fallout of the Mayo AMA, when Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson started a new thread promoting RedditGifts basketball exchange a few days later, some Redditors were suspicious of the post — even though Lawson provided a photo of himself holding a sign referencing the promotion. Still, that didn’t sway one skeptical fan:

Ty LawsonWell, ask for proof and ye shall receive. Lawson actually recorded a brief video (see above) proving himself to Redditor therealjgreens, thus restoring trust in the r/NBA community. Until the next troll comes along, of course.