Niles Paul 2The Redskins’ Niles Paul got absolutely blown up (illegally) by two Giants defenders while trying to make a catch down the middle right before halftime on Thursday night. Cousins landed a great pass right in front of Paul but as soon as he touched the ball he was blown up by Giants DBs Quintin Demps and Antrelle Rolle.

Niles’ hands went up in the air while he laid on the ground in very scary fashion. A flag was thrown on the play on the Giants for hitting a defenseless receiver. Not surprisingly, Niles Paul was being evaluated for a concussion shortly after the hit in the locker room.

Here is another angle of the hit:
Niles Paul

The Washington Redskins’ tight end was able to get off the field with some help from the training staff which was a very good sign. CBS has announced that Paul will not return to the game. At the time of the hit the Giants were leading the Redskins by a score of 21-7 and moments later his replacement, Logan Paulsen fumbled in the red zone.

Eli Manning continued to dissect the ‘Skins defense with a flawless drive down the field for a FG to increase their lead to 17 points at the half.