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The Vancouver Canucks played their first preseason game last night, defeating the Sharks 4-2 at home. Rookie defenseman Jordan Subban – younger brother of Canadiens defenseman P.K. and Bruins goaltender Malcolm – had a goal in the winning effort, likely winning the affection of some Canucks fans in the process.

However, he didn’t win the affection of anybody at the Vancouver Sun’s editor’s desk, as the newspaper green-lighted the decision to refer to him as the “dark guy in the middle” in the caption of a photo that ran on their website following the game. If you’re like me, you probably laid eyes on that photo above and thought to yourself…”Wait, there’s no way that can be real, right? Definitely has to be a Photoshop.”

Well, it’s not.

It was likely a very stupid and very tasteless attempt at humor by someone on the Sun’s team, but there definitely has to be some serious consequences for whoever decided that was a good idea.