Editor’s note: Jay Glazer, senior writer for Fox Sports and NFL Insider for NFL on Fox, was interviewed by Next Impulse Sports on Friday. Glazer has partnered with Captain Morgan on International Talk Like a Pirate Day in order to raise money for various charities. Touching on the various issues currently plaguing the NFL, the following is a transcript of the conversation between Glazer and Next Impulse Sports.

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On teaming up with Captain Morgan:

This has been the most difficult week and a half, two weeks I’ve ever had in my career. Because what we are in sports …. we’re not important at all. We’re just there to give initial escapism from things that really count.

Child abuse, domestic violence, the last couple weeks here have been brutal.

I teamed up with them (Captain Morgan) to help contribute to charity…I want to talk about something good. Let’s talk doing something for charity. So for everybody who talks like a pirate and uses the hashtag #captainandcolaaarr — and you can go to CaptainandColaaarr.com — we’re actually going to donate money to charities.

On the past few weeks and how the NFL has handled the number of incidents:

Whenever there is inconstancy, it’s bad. One thing I’ll tell you, people act like we count a lot more than we do. We don’t. We’re just here to help … escapism. But when sports can bring to light and awareness to things that do matter, then god bless, it’s great. That’s what’s happened here. You see the awareness for the epidemic of domestic abuse. And the other thing, you saw with Jonathan Dwyer’s wife, where she was brutally abused in July and it took her until now to come out. I’m hoping that … victims of domestic abuse are going to have more confidence now that they can come forward and get some help.

On the reaction among NFL players:

I think everybody is kind of using practice and games to get away from it all. The bad thing is that 98 percent of these players are great. They do an awful ton of stuff, they do a ton of charity, they do so much charity people don’t even know about … But everyone is getting lumped in together, that is bothering them. They all just want consistency. They don’t want to have their reputations tarnished because of what a couple knuckleheads do.

On Brandon Marshall’s press conference on Thursday: 

I love his honesty … he had issues and he went and sought out help.

He had problems that he can’t control and he went above and beyond to try and control those. People are always looking for redemption stories … for him, I think he’s now going to affect other people who maybe have some issues…

On the Richie Incognito bullying incidents last year and the culture of violence and masculinity in the NFL:

I don’t know if I would lump them all together. Society now, because of social media … when something happens, we as a society jump on it and right the wrongs.

On the future of Roger Goodell and the NFL:

Nothing is going to stay the same … I know they’re doing an awful lot to make sure things like this don’t happen again.

It should be coming from the league. And I’m glad the league now is saying, ‘Okay, we did not have a good system in place. This is the system that has to happen.’

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