Although there have been rumors and test footage related to a Deadpool movie, the project had never been confirmed until now.

The official release date for a new Deadpool movie, which is definitely about the creative merits of the comical mouthy mercenary and not at all about retaining the rights to a tertiary character in the Marvel Universe, is set for February 12th, 2016.

Critically, Ryan Reynolds, the man who played Deadpool in his only movie appearance, X-Men Origins: Wolvierine, isn’t confirmed to play the character yet. Reynolds has been attached to the project for years but the Deadpool that was represented in the X-Men movie was so unlike his comic counterpart that it could hardly be considered the same character.

Still, for all the time and effort that Reynolds has put into the project so far, he should get the nod for perseverance alone. Hopefully, this movie will do the character justice.