Roger Goodell has (rightly) had a rough couple of weeks and it doesn’t appear that the calls for his job are going to recede anytime soon.

UltraViolet, a women’s advocacy group, plans to fly a banner over the Georgia Dome for Thursday night’s football game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

This past Sunday, UltraViolet flew similar banners over four games. Ultraviolet’s co-founder Nita Chaudhary released a statement explaining the group’s intent behind the banner:

“Roger Goodell may have taken a crisis communications 101 class over the weekend, but his actions are simply too little too late. Goodell must resign, and the NFL needs to seriously step up its commitment to ending violence against women within the league. This isn’t just an NFL problem, it’s an America problem: 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in their lifetime, and we simply cannot afford to have an NFL commissioner who doesn’t take this issue seriously. We don’t care if you are a highly paid NFL player or a high-school football player: domestic violence is never ok.”

Goodell has been under fire for how the NFL has handled the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal. And while the Adrian Peterson child abuse incidents have dominated headlines over the past week, the Rice saga is far from over. Goodell has seemingly gone into hiding, making no public appearances since a sit-down interview with CBS a little over a week ago. Since then, the various dramas surrounding the NFL have seemingly spiraled outside of his control.

If Roger Goodell was hoping that this would all subside with time, actions like those taken by Ultraviolet would seem to suggest otherwise.

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