For those of you unfamiliar with the HBO show Entourage (this includes folks who bailed on the last couple of seasons), one of the later plot lines revolved around super agent Ari Gold’s pursuit of owning an NFL team in Los Angeles. One of Ari’s junior talent agents, Lizzie Grant, uses her NFL knowledge to help Ari navigate an initial meeting with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (the Real Jerry Jones, in a guest starring role). Due to reasons that are unimportant, Lizzie eventually ends up quitting the Miller-Gold agency and goes to work for a rival.

As it turns out, Lizzie has a mile-high stack of blackmail material — including audio tapes — documenting Ari’s condescending dress-downs of his employees. Lizzie conscience gets the best of her and hands the tapes over to Ari, but not before their contents had already been leaked to and plastered all over the Internet. Because this is television, at the exact moment Ari is being informed that the whole world knows of his foul-mouthed workplace antics, Jerry is holding on Line 1, waiting to tell Ari he’s essentially a PR disaster and the NFL won’t work with him. Here are Jones’ exact words: “I don’t do scandal. The NFL doesn’t do scandal.”

Yeah, I know, Entourage isn’t real. An NFL team was never on its way to Los Angeles, Ari Gold, Super Agent, doesn’t exist, and Jerry Jones was just making a cameo. Whatever. With the ongoing Ray Rice fiasco  and a pending sexual assault lawsuit, Jerry’s statement should have come with the caveat “…very well”.