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One would think that winning two Super Bowl wins would get a quarterback a free pass for life from his fan base but after yesterday’s season opener, one Giants fan has seen enough of Eli Manning.

Sure, the Giants offensive line was awful and the Giants wide receivers were a complete non-factor so it should be fairly hard to judge Eli as he gets himself acquainted with Ben McAdoo’s new offensive system. It would be a bit pre-mature to give up on Eli after one game, right?

Maybe not, at least according to this Giants fan who tosses his Manning jersey into a pit of fire while screaming at the top of his lungs that Eli Manning is the worst, or something. It is a scene which is almost as sad as Eli’s multiple Manning-faces yesterday.

Now, someone go tell this guy that Ryan Nassib is the Giants backup quarterback and watch him toss himself into that fire pit next.

It’s been one game dude. Relax. Eli is going to back his way into a bullshit 9-7 division title and go on another improbable playoff run anyways.