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Joel Embiid is already the King of Twitter. He’s coming for your instagram now with the Shmoney dance.

In addition to the above video, which should make your day/week/year, Embiid also did an interview with Billboard magazine in which he dispelled rumors that he is actually trying to date Rihanna. It is almost as devastating as learning Santa Claus isn’t real for the first time.

Embiid wants his followers to know that they shouldn’t take his tweets too seriously — especially when they involve Rihanna. The Barbadian singer is a recurring character in his Twitter stream, and while he has commented about having a “great dream” about her and tweeted the lyrics to “Rude Boy,” Embiid professes that he is not in love with the singer.

“No no, it’s not like that. I’m just messing,” he says in between laughs. “I’m not trying to date her. I’m just messing.”

As for the Shmoney dance, in his interview with Billboard, Embiid explained his passion for it.

“Every time I hear the song, I’m just like, ‘Shmoney daaance!’” Embiid exclaims. “It doesn’t matter where I’m at. Even if I’m just on the street, I don’t care. I just start doing the shmoney dance.” The shmoney dance has also helped Embiid bond with his new Sixers teammates: “Whenever Bobby Shmurda comes on, everyone would just want to do the shmoney dance. I think that’s something we all like.”

Watching Joel Embiid do the Shmoney dance is the stuff that dreams are made of. Hopefully, like his Rihanna tweets, the dance becomes a recurring theme in Embiid’s social media accounts for years to come.

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