Baltimore Ravens v Dallas Cowboys

The Baltimore Ravens finally released Ray Rice today, after video evidence surfaced online that showed Rice punching Janay Rice in the head, knocking her out cold. Up until the release of the video, the Ravens had been supportive of Rice but it now appears that the team is trying to erase any evidence of its previous stance.

On May 23rd, the Ravens issued the following tweet.


That tweet is now gone, presumably because the notion that anyone plays a role in their own domestic abuse is completely ludicrous and the tweet looks particularly abominable now that the TMZ video shows that Rice basically sucker-punched Janay Rice in the head. Like everything else that the Ravens have done with the Ray Rice situation, this is too little, too late.

Edit: Remember the video of Ravens’ fans giving Rice a standing ovation when he returned to training camp? That’s been removed from the team’s website as well.