Josh Gordon, one of the most talented and exciting wide receivers in the NFL, is suspended for the 2014 season and he’s found a way to fill the time between now and whenever he gets to suit up for the Cleveland Browns in 2015.

Meet Josh Gordon, “goodwill ambassador for Sarchione Auto.”

Anderson’s longer explanation for what the hell Josh Gordon will be doing for a car dealership:

#Browns WR Josh Gordon has a new job. He will be the goodwill ambassador for the Sarchione Auto group in Randolph, Ohio, which includes Sarchione Ford and Sarchione Chevrolet . He will be working in all aspects of their car business including as an on-floor salesman. Gordon will also be heading all of their local community efforts including with the Wounded Warriors Project. He starts this weekend.

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While this may seem absurd (Ok, it’s really absurd), this may not be the worst outcome for Gordon. His job at Sarchione Auto should provide him with some structure as he serves out his suspension and he’ll get to do some charity work as well.

And, if you’re in the Randolph area, you may get to haggle with Josh Gordon over the price of your prospective Chevy or Ford! That’s a story which should get better mileage than any automobile.

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