NHL: Preseason-Chicago Blackhawks at Pittsburgh Penguins

If you woke up early Wednesday morning, you may have been greeted by reports that Sidney Crosby had been arrested in Ottawa for a “driving related offense,” which – as it turns out – is completely false.

The story was first reported by the Ottawa Sun, who had this gigantic banner up on their website this morning:


Here’s a screenshot of the Sun’s article, which has been taken down from their website but is still available on mobile, for some reason:

Statements from the Ottawa police department couldn’t have been more clear that the Penguins captain was not arrested, detained or anything of the sort on Wednesday morning.

A sargeant called the story “a total, out-and-out blatant lie” while the chief of police said “We have had no dealings with Mr. Crosby.”

Maybe this is why:

Good stuff, Ottawa Sun!

[h/t Deadspin]