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The Indianapolis Colts have been on a lucky streak over the past couple of seasons and while they’ve managed to squeeze out some dramatic wins, one does have to wonder when the team will come back to earth. The Colts will live and die by Andrew Luck once again and a ton will ride on whether Luck can survive behind an offensive line which has gotten Luck punished over the past couple of seasons. The team even brought in Trent Richardson to try and take some pressure off of Luck in the run game and pass protection but that blew up in their faces as Richardson struggled at moving the ball at even a replacement-level pace. The Colts did add to their receiver arsenal by adding Hakeem Nicks and they’ll have a healthy Reggie Wayne return to flank T.Y. Hilton. They’ll need all the help they can get because the defense looks to be the Colts weak-point once again. The bright spot on the D last year was Robert Mathis but he’ll begin the year serving a suspension. The secondary remains sub-par as the Colts didn’t improve a unit that was eviscerated by Alex Smith in the playoffs.

The Colts have enough to win the thin AFC South but they’re coming into 2014 with the same formula that they’ve employed since they drafted Andrew Luck. The team could still easily make the playoffs but until they find some balance between their offense and defense, the team will have a tough time making it further than the first round.

The Colts currently have 24-1 odds of winning the Super Bowl.

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