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The Cincinnati Bengals are all-in on the Andy Dalton era. On the one hand, the Bengals have made the playoffs in three consecutive seasons. On the other hand, they haven’t won a playoff game in that time span. The defense has morphed into a great unit but the offense has been erratic despite the presence of A.J. Green and Jermaine Gresham. The Bengals have second-year running back Giovani Bernard, who looks like a rising star in the NFL and Tyler Eifert as well. The key is Dalton. He will have to show the same quality play that he often displays during the regular season during the postseason, where better defenses are waiting.

The defense won’t be ran by Mike Zimmer this season but the personnel will largely remain the same. Michael Johnson won’t be with the Bengals anymore but Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap are still here and that means that teams will have to be worried about Cincinnati when they face them.

While the Bengals should improve on offense thanks to an emerging Bernard, and the defense should be solid depending on how much Mike Zimmer meant to the team, it’s difficult to see how the Bengals improved enough to make a deeper playoff run. Andy Dalton will have to show that he still has room to grow before the Bengals stand as serious contenders.

The Bengals odds of winning the Super Bowl are currently 36-1.

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