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The New Orleans Saints are coming off of an 11-5 season which included a Wild Card playoff berth and one should expect that the team will be well-positioned to compete once again in the talented NFC for a playoff position.

For the Saints, everything starts and ends with the offense. Does the team still have Sean Payton? Does the team still have Drew Brees? Does the team still have Jimmy Graham? A yes to all three of those questions makes everything else almost immaterial. Sure, the team is still flanked by a committee of uninspiring running backs (is anyone excited to see Pierre Thomas carry the football?) and the wide receivers have been so anonymous and lackluster that Jimmy Graham (quite understandably) argued that he was a wide receiver in the Saints scheme and not a tight end. Still, between Payton, Brees and Graham, the Saints offense will be fine. As for the defense, the most famous personality on the Saints D is their defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Ryan was able to lift the Saints defense from awful to solid and the unit should get even better with the addition of Jairus Byrd. The Saints won’t win games because of their defense but the defense should be able to make it difficult for teams to keep pace with Brees.

The NFC South has a lot of talent (the Falcons and Panthers will be formidable) but the Saints have a much more consistent track record and show no signs of slowing down.

The Saints current odds of winning the Super Bowl rest at 16:1.

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