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No, Mariners fans, this is not some sort of cruel joke, it’s not just another far-fetched fantasy — this is real life. The Seattle Mariners have the best teammate trio in MLB. Let that sink in.

It might be hard to believe, but the Mariners’ Felix Hernandez, Robinson Cano, and Kyle Seager are the best three players on any one team in the majors.

Obviously, as the managing editor of Lookout Landing — a Mariners blog — Weber is biased. So, let’s break it down. Is Weber right?

Let’s start with King Felix.

I already wrote about how Hernandez might very well be the MVP of the American League. To date, he leads all of baseball in WAR with his 6.2 wins above replacement.

Moving on to Cano, yes, his home run numbers are down. But, as Weber wrote in his article today, so far, he’s been worth the contract the Mariners handed out. Cano is on pace for a 6.35 WAR. His wRC+ is off the charts, matching his 142 wRC+ that he compiled in 2013.

And, as always, Cano’s defense is seamless. Have you ever seen someone make an over-the-shoulder catch as casually as Cano does?

The key to this best trio argument is Kyle Seager though. Chances are you’ve never heard of him, especially if you root for a non AL West team. But, like Cano, Seager is on pace for a WAR that goes above 6. Not only does the dude hit, his defense has improved tremendously from last season.

In short, Hernandez, Cano, and Seager have the highest combined WAR of any other teammate trio in baseball. And, it might just be enough to push the Mariners into the postseason. After going 8-1 on their most recent homestand, the Mariners are tied for the last playoff spot in the American League. They’re knotted up with the Tigers, and, tomorrow, will take on Detroit in the first game of a critical three-game set.

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