Tharold Simon, Gerell Robinson

The NFL produced a shockingly entertaining evening of preseason football on Thursday night, from a De’Anthony Thomas punt return TD to Bengals QB Matt Scott puking profusely before throwing a TD.

Somewhat lost in the shuffle was Seahawks cornerback Tharold Simon, a 2nd-year fourth stringer, who elected to throw a punch at Broncos tight end Gerell Robinson.

Following a Denver touchdown five minutes into the third quarter, an uneventful scrum ensued, with Simon and Robinson emerged still fussy with one another. Simon proceed to whack Robinson in the helmet, immediately drawing a 15-yarder and ejection…from a preseason game.tharoldeject.0

Entering the game Simon was expected to make the team and while he still may crack the 53-man roster, one cannot imagine Pete Carroll or John Schneider are thrilled with his tremendous lack of composure…in a preseason game.

The former LSU Tiger took to Twitter following the game to issue an apology:


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Photo Courtesy: Joe Mahoney/AP

.GIF Courtesy: SB Nation via 9 News