Baseball is one the slower games in sports, but when the players get in the heat of the moment, brawls break out. It usually starts with tension that has been building between rivals or players. Once the pitcher throws that ball with the intention of hitting the player, benches clear quick! Brawls can get nasty, both teams run out to defend their team-mates, managers and coaches sometimes get involved and the umpires have to try to break it up, if possible. Once one fight breaks out, others trail shortly behind and chaos breaks out! Here are some the biggest brawls that have broken out in baseball history.

Nolan Ryan vs. Robin Ventura (1993)

When legendary pitcher Nolan Ryan throws a pitch straight to the back of Robin Ventura, things get violent. Ventura (26 y/o) starts walking to first base but then changes his mind and runs straight at Nolan (46 y/o).

Nolan immediately gets Ventura in a headlock and takes a few punches. But, Ventura then turns Nolan around, bringing him down to the ground. Both teams get involved and punches are thrown everywhere.