Please stop trying to turn the Ray Rice alleged beating of his then-fiancee incident into some sort of feel-good story. First it was the Baltimore Ravens, now it’s ESPN.

After the Ravens’ preseason game on Thursday night, Sal Paolantonio interviewed Ray Rice on the field. If you skip to the 54-second mark of the video, you’ll hear Paolantonio ask Rice, “What did your wife say to you in final words of encouragement before you took the field?”

Rice’s response?

She always wishes me luck. And she always just says, ‘Go out there and do your job.’ That’s one thing on the football field, is that, it is my job. But this is the way I get to take care of my family. Everything that we’ve been through, that’s just something you can’t take for granted. So it was a blessing to be out here, and to get off the field healthy, but at the same time it was a great day at work.”

Paolantonio followed up Rice’s response with, “What is it going to take for the Ravens to get back to championship caliber football, Ray?”


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