The O.co Coliseum, home of the Oakland A’s, has also been home to a possum which was seen during Monday night’s A’s game. After the discovery of the possum, the A’s put together a string of two victories which ended today against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Baseball being the superstitious sport that it is, fans had decided that the possum was a good luck charm during the team’s winning streak and named it the “Rally Possum”. The A’s appeared to agree before today’s loss, as they stated that as long as the possum doesn’t procreate it will be allowed to stay.

Reps for the team tell TMZ Sports, “We’re undefeated since he showed up, and have no intention of getting rid of him.”

The big question is, with the team inconceivably losing a game, now what? Will the possum get to live at the Coliseum now that the A’s have suffered a loss? Has the Rally Possum lost its magical powers? Can people and possums peacefully co-exist at a baseball game? Are more Rally Possums necessary to ensure that the A’s have luck on their side? Why can’t the team use rally towels or stuffed animals like the rest of humanity?

These are burning questions which must be answered now because it’s hard to care about baseball in the middle of the season unless there’s an animal’s life at stake due to local fan superstition.

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