The late Manute Bol was pretty much a legend, primarily because of his absurd height (7’7) and the intimidating defensive presence that came with it when he stepped on the basketball court. Though his offensive game was nothing special, Bol’s defense led to a pretty solid NBA career and he sits at second all-time in NBA history in blocked shots per game and 15th on the career blocks list.

Bol’s son, however, could wind up being better than his father one day. Bol Bol (yes, that’s his real name) is impressing scouts all over country as he gets ready to enter high school in the fall. Bol towers over opponents – his height is unconfirmed but he was measured at 6’5 as as a seventh grader TWO YEARS AGO – and has the same slim, string bean frame that his father was known for.

Unlike his father, though, the younger Bol looks to be very solid on both ends of the floor and has a pretty well-rounded game for his age. He has a post game, handles, a smooth jumper, range on the floor and, of course, can block shots, rebound and dunk with ease.

He’s still young but Bol is being looked at as one of the top prospects in the Class of 2018. He’ll need to refine his game and put some meat on those bones but you should probably remember his name. Then again, it’s pretty damn hard to forget.

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