roberta-mancino-sexy-picsWhen you imagine a typical skydiver or BASE jumper you probably think of some 20-something adrenaline junkie bro. However Roberta Mancino is not your typical thrill seeker. She’s a gorgeous model who has over 8,500 skydives, goes swimming with sharks, flies like a bird streaking through the sky in a wing suit and has made 250 BASE jumps all around the world. The stunning Roberta has modeled in such prestigious magazines as Allure, Vanity Fair, Playboy and Max. She was named “World’s Hottest Female Athlete” by Men’s Fitness, beating out Danica Patrick and Amanda Beard. She was featured in an ESPN documentary and made an appearance on Conan. However Roberta is not just a pretty face, she is a legitimate extreme sports athlete and one of the best in the world that has won numerous awards. Mancino has attained three world records in sky diving, including participating in the largest-ever formation. She has also won two first-place awards in the Italian sky-diving nationals in freestyle, placed first in the Malevski Cup at the Russia Freestyle and the Space Games Freestyle, won the Tunnel Competition and received both the Italian Record and Euro Record for skydiving.

There is no adventure that Mancino won’t take on. At 14 she started kickboxing and even earned a black belt in mixed martial arts. At 20-years-old she started sky diving after watching the movie “Point Break.” Oh and if all that wasn’t enough, she swam with sharks.

Roberta has the perfect balance of athletic achievement and sexuality. Never giving up on pushing her body to the limits and finding a new mind-blowing feat. But she also will do modeling shoots flaunting her gentle feminine side. Then even at times  she combines both worlds as she does a sky dive wearing very little clothes and sometimes even with no clothes, which appears to be very freeing.

Enjoy Roberta’s sensational photos that are just as jaw-dropping as her spectacular stunts.

You can see more pics and video on Roberta’s Facebook and Twitter.