The infamous ‘PENIS PENIS PENIS PENIS’ ESPN sign has appeared on multiple College Gameday broadcasts over the past few years and each time it makes an appearance the world has no choice but to rejoice and celebrate its existence.

Now, though, you can bring the sign whereever you go by wearing it on your chest. That’s right, the fantastic PENIS acrostic design is now available in t-shirt, tank top, and sweatshirt form. It’s also available in a variety of colors so no matter what team you cheer for, your appreciation for the sign will fit right in.

The shirt also comes in ladies tees, but you might want to be careful where you choose to wear it if you’re a female.


You can head here to buy one of these babies for your own. I’d recommend purchasing sooner rather than later because it’s only a matter of time before Bristol sues the absolute pants off the person selling them.

[Lost Lettermen]

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