While most of the talk surrounding Keith Olbermann’s show Monday night is focused on his dress down of Tony Dungy, the ESPN host also managed to get another media member to firmly plant his foot in his mouth during a different segment. Professional blowhard Jason Whitlock appeared on Monday night’s show to discuss Kevin Love, Andrew Wiggins, and the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers. That future, according to Whitlock, doesn’t (or, shouldn’t) include Wiggins because he’s…wait for it…Canadian:

Andrew Wiggins is from Canada. And Canadian athletes among NBA players and NBA people perhaps don’t want it as much as even some of the Europeans and certainly the American players. I think they’re going all out for Kevin Love. I think that’s what LeBron James wants. I think that’s what they believe in. I think they will move Andrew Wiggins at all costs.

Blaming his Canadian blood is bad enough, but of all the tired, lazy hot takes, playing the “he doesn’t want it” card before Wiggins has played a single meaningful minute in the NBA definitely ranks among the worst. The good news — for Cavs fans, or wherever he ends up — is that Wiggins’ father is American. Factoring that in, Wiggins will, at the very least, “half-want” it on the level of American and European players. You know, if “wanting it” was quantifiable.

I just wonder how Whitlock feels about Steve Nash.