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For those of you that don’t follow celebrity tabloid rumors and beefs (bless you, you are a far better person than I), all you have to know in the context of the above skit is that Drake and Chris Brown had beef.

Not the hamburger type either. The rapper/R&B singer type of piss fight that takes place over magazine columns, lyrics and (allegedly) night clubs.

So, while this skit for the ESPYS starts off as an ostensible beef between Drake and Blake Griffin, the real surprise is seeing Chris Brown show up as Drake’s surgeon, at once acknowledging the supposed tension between the two and dispelling it in one go.

Honestly, while a Chris Brown cameo in a Drake skit is amusing in and of itself, Blake and Drake (or is it Drake and Blake?) really steal the show. Between Drake’s “Blake” appearance on Bill Simmons’ Grantland podcast (complete with a great Donald Sterling bit) and Blake’s “Drake” rap, it’s hard to say who topped who.


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