You might hate soccer, but money doesn’t. According to the folks over at Forbes, the most valuable team in 2014 isn’t the New York Yankees or the Dallas Cowboys. Nope, that honor went to Spanish soccer club Real Madrid, valued at $3.44 billion.

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The next two teams on the list are also soccer clubs — Barcelona and Manchester United. An American sports team doesn’t even clock in until No. 4, when the New York Yankees make its appearance on the list. The Yankees, valued at $2.5 billion are followed at No. 5 by the Dallas Cowboys — valued at a meager $2.3 billion.

I hate to be saying something like this for the billionth time since the World Cup started, but I think this list adds to the overwhelming evidence that soccer is really the world’s game.

Anyways, only 50 more days until the NFL season starts, America.


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