Michael Crabtree better get used to Richard Sherman rants because it doesn’t seem like Sherman has softened his stance towards “sorry” Crabtree.

Sherman’s WWE-style verbal beatdown of Crabtree may have been the most memorable moment of the entire NFL playoffs and Sherman made it clear on American Muscle on the Discovery Channel that his distaste for the 49ers wide receiver hasn’t lessened with time.

“It’s much more of just I don’t like the dude,” Sherman says. “You know what I’m saying. And I think he’s sorry. So it’s really what it comes down to.”

Calling Crabtree “sorry” (again) wasn’t enough though. Sherman also stated that he hopes that he can follow Crabtree for the rest of his career and “choke him out” as if the wrestling parallels weren’t strong already.

“It’s not going to be something that goes away. I hope to play him every year for the rest of my career and choke him out. There’s not much else I can say about the subject. Nobody will understand it but him and me. That’s all that needs to understand.”

Niners-Seahawks games are going to be so much fun for the foreseeable future. Can we get Jim Ross to announce a few of them?

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