Johnny ManzielNike’s The Open football camp is taking place this week, and one of the counselors is a certain Cleveland Browns quarterback — and actual Nike athlete — whose name and photo have been plastered all over sports media for the last two years. Johnny Manziel showed up for his coaching duties only to be turned away by a security staffer who didn’t recognize him:

Per Wahoos247 Insider Jamie Oakes, Manziel was asked by security at The Opening to leave the area. While this might raise some eyebrows based on recent events, it turns out the staff security simply did not know who ‘Johnny Football’ was. …

Oakes reports: ‘To Manziel’s credit, he didn’t bat an eye and walked off as requested.

You’re probably wondering how someone with Manziel’s visibility would get denied at the gate, but it’s pretty simple: he’s just a regular looking dude. At six feet tall, he doesn’t really stand out. And, when it comes to a lot of athletes, seeing them in person is a lot different than seeing them on television, especially if you’re not prepared for it. Although, security probably should have been somewhat prepared and provided a list of guests. We hear Manziel is pretty used to those.