Dioner Navarro, the Blue Jays catcher who moonlights as Bartolo Colon’s body double, came dangerously close to an inside-the-park home run in today’s White Sox-Jays contest.

This perfect storm of fat-guy-going-for-extra-bases developed as Navarro lifted a deep fly ball to ChiSox left fielder Dayan Viciedo, a guy who reminds me of myself when I play the outfield in my 12″ rec league (read: he’s bad at catching the ball). Viciedo couldn’t come up with the grab, which led to center fielder Leury Garcia grabbing the ball and heaving it a good 20 feet wide of second base (again, shades of rec league softball).

Navarro, who looked out of gas as he was rounding first, let out the ultimate “oh, shit. I have to keep running?” laugh all the ball got away and rounded third. Although he resembled a contestant in the Brewers sausage race at this point, his third base coach made the choice to send him home.

At this point, the ball rolled all the way to first baseman and murderer of baseballs Jose Abreu, who alertly scooped it and threw to catcher Adrian Nieto, who applied the tag to a winded, laughing Navarro. It looks like Navarro had some words for his third base coach, but I can’t quite tell who he was barking at after being tagged out. I’m just gonna go ahead and assume he was calling for a vendor to bring him a nacho helmet with extra jalapeños, stat.

[h/t Bleacher Report]

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