It’s not every morning you wake up to the news that the best basketball player in the world is set to become a free agent. With LeBron James deciding to opt out of the remaining years of his contract with the Miami Heat, the basketball world has been lit on fire.

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It’s true that James’ decision might just be the first move that leads to an even better version of the Heat, with James leading once again. Maybe this is how Pat Riley lands Carmelo. James can always sign another deal with Miami.

But it’s a lot more fun to think about the different teams LeBron might be playing for next season. Here are five potential destinations:

5) Los Angeles Lakers

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It’s L.A., which means it always has a chance to land the heavyweight. Something tells me that LeBron isn’t too keen on leaving the Eastern Conference, but if he does, and chooses L.A., the Lakers will have skipped a rebuilding process that fans never want to endure.

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