So many things wrong with this absurdly stupid tattoo it’s kind of hard to even wrap my head around it. First of all, the tattoo is basically a tribute to Shawn Thornton, fourth line grinder who won’t even be re-signing with the Bruins this offseason.

That’s dumb enough in its own right, but it also references this incident from the Bruins-Habs playoff series (which the Bruins lost, by the way) earlier this year. While slightly amusing, it was one of the more childish and stupid things Thornton’s done in his career and really had no significance in the series whatsoever.

Also, I’m not sure when P.K. Subban started wearing a JOFA helmet from the ’80s. Call me a sucker for detail but if I’m permanently inking something on my body I at least want to get it right.

And lastly, this Bruins fan realizes that he just tattooed a giant Canadiens logo on his forearm…right? Seriously, it’s at least four times the size of the Bruins one below it. Seems like he maybe didn’t think that one out too well.

This certainly isn’t going to help the notion that all Bruins fans are just a large tribe of drunk, racist, ignorant meatheads screaming “kill him!” every time an opponent touches the puck.

But at least tattoos aren’t forever, right?

[Habs Eyes On The Prize]

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