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Okay America, it’s officially time to start caring about soccer. Let’s be real, we haven’t really given a shit since the U.S. was eliminated by Ghana in 2010. We pretended to care when Donovan was cut from the USMNT a few weeks, but that quickly faded … until now. Because the 2014 World Cup is finally upon us. To get fully prepared for the World’s greatest sporting event, here are five of the best moments the 2010 World Cup brought us.

(And, because I know most Americans don’t really care all that much about what happened after the U.S. was eliminated from the tournament, I kicked off this list with the greatest goal in the history of the USMNT and the only moment most Americans actually care about)

Donovan’s Goal & The World’s Reaction

donovan gif

The U.S. were tied with Algeria, but needed a win to advance past the group stage. After scoring a goal that was incorrectly called back, after hitting the post, and after massively outplaying Algeria all game, Donovan finally broke through for the U.S. Then, pandemonium:


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