Decades from now, it will be hard to explain to younger generations what the phenomenon called “Psy” was that erupted in 2012. Instantly and inexplicably, the South Korean pop singer became a world-wide sensation thanks to the music video ‘Gangnam Style’. The undisputed king of viral videos is the most viewed Youtube clip ever with over 2 billion views. Taken at face value, almost a third of the world has seen ‘Gangnam Style’.

Was it the pony dance? The guy thrusting himself in the elevator? Psy sitting on the toilet?


The internet works in mysterious ways.

Needless to say, matching the fervor that ‘Gangnam Style’ caused will be nearly impossible but Psy brought Snoop Dogg along for the ride. The results are uneven to say the least.

Now, this isn’t even Snoop’s first time doing a guest spot for a K-Pop act. He mailed in a couple verses for a Girls’ Generation remix a couple of years back, so this may not be as random as it first appears. Maybe Snoop is a fan of K-Pop or something:

Yet, even Snoop Dogg has a hard time salvaging this one. The rapid-fire beat and super-aggressive auto-tuning leaves one feeling like they’re experiencing an actual hangover. Back to the drawing board Psy.

Download the song here:
Hangover [feat. Snoop Dogg]